6 Reasons Why This Is Quickly Becoming The Best-Selling Toy For Kids

Soft Comfortable Plush Stuffed Animals Turn Into Warm & Cuddly Nightlights at Bedtime!


Putting Kids To Sleep Can Be A Nightmare.

Putting the kids down is not always an easy task.  It's no secret that kids love to have something to sleep with at night and it makes going to bed a lot easier when they have something to cuddle with. Star Belly Dream Lites makes bedtime something that kids look forward to since it's the perfect plush friend that makes snuggling with extremely comforting.


Are Outdated!

Kids go through phases where they often times are afraid of the dark. Let's face it, traditional nightlights don't comfort kids too much and they stay on all night long. Star Belly Dream Lites has a super cool built-in nightlight that projects a starry sky onto the ceiling. These unique and fun patterns help to instantly relax kids so that they can sleep soundly.  No need to worry about turning it off either, because of the 20 minute auto shut off timer!


Perfect For Sleepovers, Traveling, & Home.

Kids love toys that they can bring with them anywhere. How many times has your kid wanted to bring their favorite toy with them in the car, on flights, or to a friends house? Star Belly Dream Lites are not only super portable but they are also very lightweight so even your really young ones can bring it along. These are definitely this years best kids gift for at home, traveling, or sleepovers!


Never Ending Uses.

Most Christmas gifts go unused after the first few days. It's really unfortunate but it's the truth. How many times have you bought something for your little one and it was never used again after the Holidays? Star Belly Dream Lites offer something new with almost every use. There is a never ending amount of Magical Patterns, Multiple Colors, and incredible experiences with each use!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

It's the perfect gift for kids of all ages! Although we recommend kids ages 3 and up, Star Belly Dream Lites are extremely safe and fun for all ages. They will not just be your kid's best friend right now, it will be your kid's best friend for years on end. It's one of those gifts that keeps on giving.


Try It 100% Risk Free.

How many times have you bought something and needed to return it, but it was a huge hassle? The good news about Star Belly Dream Lites is that there is a no questions asked, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If your little one isn’t completely in love with their Star Belly Dream Lites, we will refund your purchase, no worries! It is worth noting though, almost no one ever wants to return their order, and they actually come back to buy more!

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